• <comparegroups.eu> URL replaced by <isubirana.github.io/compareGroups>
  • importFrom(“stats”, “model.frame”) included in NAMESPACE
  • descrTable, createTAble: new argument added “lab.ref” to change label for reference category
  • createTable, compareGroups functions: isR() removed
  • export2md: table format bug fixed in exporting to HTML when nmax=FALSE
  • version info fixed (DESCRIPTION vs MAN)
  • missing functions in alias argument from compareGroups-internals.Rd document incorporated
  • WUI: new functionality to convert to factors integer variables. Useful to plot numeric variables with few values as bar plots.
  • export2md, export2word, export2pdf, export2html: bug fixed in coloring all header lines for stratified tables MINOR
  • update.formula2 method: new … argument added.
  • CITATION file: citEntry() and personList() replaced by bibentry() and c(), respectively.
  • DESCRIPTION file: Encoding field changed from latin1 to UTF-8
  • new function padjustCompareGroups to adjust p-values for multiple testing
  • predimed example data has been removed from the package
  • export2pdf: new arguments header.background and header.color
  • z[.compareGroups function: bug fixed when subsetting compareGroups object by variable names
  • compareGroups: bug fixed in Xext when data contains a single variable
  • missingTable: bug fixed when applying this function to a descriptive table obtained by descrTable function.
  • export2latex: it can handle more than one ‘&’ or ‘%’ characters.
  • export2md: add bottom header line when compiling to PDF.
  • compareGroups, descrTable: new argument ‘lab.missing’ to specify label for missing category.
  • export2md.Rd: in the argument ‘width’ now it is mentioned explicitly that this argument is ignored when exporting the descriptive table to Word.
  • compareGroups.R: bug fixed when simplify = FALSE and empty categories for groups variables are now kept.
  • descrTable.Rd, createTable.Rd: bug fixed in the help files for q.type argument.
  • NAMESPACE: functions from importFrom(flextable,…) have been dropped.
  • SNPassoc removed from Suggests
  • SNPs.rda added to data folder and SNPs.rd help file taken from SNPassoc package and added to compareGroups man files.
  • Depends on R version >3.5.0
  • vignette has been reduced after removing WUI section
  • SNPassoc moved from Depends to Suggests

MAJOR - WUI (cGroupsWUI) renewed based on shinydashboardPlus layout and more options. MINOR - wrong description of file argument from export2xls function fixed. - bug fixed in getResults(, “ratio”) when only one variable is described. - bug fixed in xlab and ylab in box.plot internal function. - new component in ‘extra.labels’ argument from ‘createTable’ function to append label for surv variables. - internal function snpQC syntax code: replace mclapply for lapply - shinydashboardPlus package added to suggested - compareSNPs: bug fixed when only one SNP is described

  • bug fixed when exporting tables to PDF in cGroupsWUI()
  • bug fixed in internal function compare.i when computing binom.test with zero freqs.
  • confinterval function to compute confidence interval of means and medians return NA and not error when it cannot compute IC for medians.
  • conf.level (confidence level) argument in compareGroups and descrTable function also applies to hazard, odds and risk ratios.
  • epitools package removed from importFrom (NAMESPACE)
  • functions qnorm, rbinom and uniroot functions from stats package added in importFrom
  • compareGroups, descrTable: new argument ‘compute.prop’ added (to compute proportions instead of percentages for categorical row-variables).
  • createTable, descrTable: new argument ‘all.last’ added (to place descriptives of the whole sample after descriptives by groups).
  • compareGroups.Rd: p.trend for categorical variables modified.
  • export2word: new arguments added (same as export2md).
  • export2md: longtable fixed.
  • bug fixed in internal table.i function when identifying reference category when NA.
  • bug fixed in cGroupsGUI: updated to new updates of compareGroups.fit function.
  • export2pdf: new arguments incorportated and makes use of export2md function.
  • export2word supports stratified tables
  • Risk Ratios are now computed. See riskratio argument from compareGroups function.
  • flextable package dependency
  • export2md supports tables to export to word in nicer format using flextable
  • export2md supports stratified tables when exporting to word (new export2mdwordcbind internal function)
  • new argument perc in report function (same as plot)
  • export2word bug fixed
  • bug fixed in export2md when exportd in a Rmd notebook.
  • norm.plot: par(mfrow=c(1,1)) added at the end, to restore mutiplots device.
  • export2md: more understandable warning message when used outside the Rmarkdown chunk.
  • new argument show.ci and conf.level in createTable and compareGroups, respectively, to compute confidence intervals of means, medians, proportions and incidences.
  • new argument “position” to export2md function, to place tables justified to the left, centerd or to the right (only when compiling to HTML or PDF)
  • no longer Hmisc, xtable, gdata package dependies. Imports write_xlsx from writexl and suggests readxl packages.
  • xlsx removed from suggested packages.
  • export2xls uses write_xlsx function from writexl pacakge.
  • cGroupsWUI improved and updated.
  • shinythemes package suggested. This saves a lot of space in app folder.
  • shinyWidgets package suggested (for awasome dropdownbuttons and colour picker in the shiny app)
  • export2md, export2mdcbind: bug fixed when drawing header line and no Nmax is reported.
  • labelled class from “predimed”, “regicor” variables removed.
  • byrow add a choice to compute proportions by combinations of rows and columns (i.e. to sum up 100%).

MINOR - bug fixed in compareGroups.R when using “select” argument. - compare.i function: bug fixed when “include.miss”. - bug fixed when variable names contains spaces. - “…” argument removed from export2word. - internal function simplify.formula removed.

  • new argument var.equal to compareGroups and descrTable.
  • update.compareGroups: changed.
  • dates variables supported
  • compareGroups.default and compareGroups.formula unified in a single compareGroups function.
  • new strataTable function: to create stratified tables without having to use cbind. Also incorporates an update method.
  • package vignette improved.
  • new descrTable created. This function builds a descriptive table in one step.
  • Imports: kableExtra and chron added,
  • Suggested: car removed
  • export2md: new arguments added (format, width, strip, first.strip, background, size and landscape)
  • compareGroups: new arguments added (chisq.test.B and chisq.test.seed)
  • table.i, createTable: checking OS to print +/- sign removed from table.i and passed to createTable. This speeds up the bivariate construction a lot.
  • compareGroups.default: ‘…’ argument removed.
  • compareGroups now handles tibble objects
  • bug fixed when checking vignette v3.3.3
  • bug fixed for Hmisc::label in examples and vignette
  • createTable: bug fixed related to hide.no v3.3.1
  • createTable: bug fixed related to extra.labels argument v3.3
  • createTable: new “extra.labels” argument indicating the key to normal, non-normal or categorical variables.
  • compareGroups: new “byrow” argument to report percentages by rows or by columns. v3.2.5
  • export2md, export2html: Var removed from descriptive table header. v3.2.4
  • compareGroups.default: new argument chisq.test.perm to perform simulation chisq test instead of fisher test v3.2.3
  • export2word: changed working directory v3.2.2
  • plot do not open new windows when file argument is NULL.
  • new argument “verbose” set to FALSE by default in “compareSNPs”
  • new component in header.labels argument to modify OR/HR bivariate table column label.
  • bug fixed in getResults function when exctracting proportions.
  • package vignette updated.
  • new argument “oddsratio.method” in “compareGroups.default” function to compute odds ratio under different methods.
  • XLConnect and shinythemes removed from suggested packages. v3.2
  • cGroupsWUI: improved.
  • Internal function descripSurv has been modified fixing a bug when computing K-M probabilities.
  • xlsx not imported but suggested. Only required when calling export2xls function.
  • cGroupsWUI: improved shiny app interface.
  • export2word: new function to export tables to Word.
  • export2md: new function to export tables to Markdown.
  • export2html: file argument can be left missing to return HTML code, similar to export2latex.
  • cGroupsWUI: udpates and improvements in the aspect of the GUI web based application.

2015-01-14 - new argument header.labels incorporated to functions to print and export the bivariate table. This offers the possibility to change some ‘key’ labels such as p.overall or p.trend. - new function getResults to retrieve results from compareGroups or createTable object as vectors and matrices. - new argument ‘margin’ implemented in ‘export2pdf’ function.


  • new function cGroupsWUI has been implemented which opens a web browser with a Web User Interface using Shiny functions.
  • new vignette compareGroupsWUI_vignette.pdf created to illustrate how WUI works.


  • ‘file’ argument from export2csv, export2latex, export2html, export2pdf and report functions must specify the extension. This has been changed from previous versions where no extension (.pdf, .tex, .html or .pdf) was required.
  • fixed: ‘hide’ argument from createTable does not produce an error but a warning when a non-existing variable is specified.
  • fixed: indentation when exporting a rbind.createTable object to HTML
  • SNPs data removed.


  • Bug fixed regarding number of decimals when applying subsetting ‘[’ method to createTable, rbind.createTable and cbind.createTable class objects.


  • JSS paper citation included, in compareGroups.Rd and in createTable.Rd help files.


  • high line and +/- symbol when printint table on R console replaced by standard C-locale if necessary.


  • fixed: +/- symbol


  • check package: Sweave.sty removed from vignette folder.
  • integerToAscii replaced by intToUtf8 function.
  • internal functions ‘snp.R’, ‘SNPHWE.R’, ‘sortSNPs.R’, etc. removed since SNPassoc package has been incorporated in depends list.


  • new argument ‘type’ in ‘plot.compareGroups’ method to save plots in different formats.
  • new argument ‘include.miss’ in compareGroups function. This treats NA values as a new category for categorical row-variables.
  • new function ‘radiograph’ that reports raw data in the data set.
  • new function ‘missTable’ has been created, to report missingness tables.
  • new function ‘compareSNPs’ has been created, with its own ‘print’ method.
  • new functions ‘report’ and ‘export2pdf’ have been created to generate PDF files with tables and/or plots.
  • new argumen ‘landscape’ has been incorporated to ‘export2latex’ function.
  • new package dependencies required: SNPassoc and HardyWeinberg


  • when computing p-values to compare groups for a categorical row-variables, if only one row or one column has some non-zero count, p-value is ‘.’.
  • cGroupsGUI no longer saves objects in .GlobalEnv but uses .compareGroupsEnv environment.
  • cGroupsGUI input cannot be left missing.
  • bug fixed in cGroupsGUI function when exporting to html format.
  • internal function prepare has been modified in order to fit the bivariate table columns to their width.
  • internal function descripSurv has been modified to accomodate group codes containing regular expression symbols (such as +, -, etc.).
  • bug fixed in export2html function when exporting a table with one row.
  • bug fixed in ‘ref.no’ argument of compareGroups function.


  • an internal bug fixed when specifying selec for a particular row-varible in building Xlong attribute for compareGroups object.
  • cGroupsGUI: improved, more compact.


  • createTable objects can be plotted and it is also possible to apply varinfo function on them.
  • cGroupsGUI: new smaller frame.
  • createTable: new argument q.type, to specify how the quartiles (percentiles) are displayed for a non-normal distributed row-variable.
  • createTable: new argument sd.type, to allow the user change the format in displaying SD; 1-inside brackets (default), 2- mean +/- SD.
  • createTable: new argument digits.p added, to allow the user specify the number of decimals for all p-values displayed on the bivariate table.
  • createTable: new argument p.ratio has been added. This computes de p-value corresponding to each OR/HR individually.
  • Nmax reported changed: now it represents the number of patients with at least one valid value across all analized variables.
  • a bug fixed in compareGroup: when some row-variable could not be performed ‘varnames.orig’ attribute was bad built. This affected other functions such as createTable.
  • a bug fixed in [.createTable: an error ocurred when a literal category specified to be hiden when subsetting a createTable object.
  • MINOR CHANGE: 1.95 replaced by 1.96 in ‘compareGroups.Rd’ file.


  • export2html: a bug fixed in N.
  • repeated row-variables are kept after applying the generic function ‘update’. This was not possible in the previous version 1.1.
  • new internal function ‘simplify.formula’ added.


  • [.compareGroups: a bug fixed when a row-variable present multiple times.
  • compareGroups: new argument ‘compute.ratio’.
  • compareGroups: default value for argument ‘simplify’ changed to TRUE.
  • load tcltk only when cGroupsGUI is called.
  • bug fixed in export2latex.cbind.createTable when drawing hlines.
  • export2latex: apostrophes have been changed from ’’ to `’ in writing default table caption.



  • new method ‘[’ implemented for createTable objects.
  • new method rbind implemented for compareGroups and createGroups objects.
  • new method cbind implemented for createTable objects.
  • new method summary implemented for createTable objects.
  • createTable: new value for type (3) displays only absolute frequencies for categorical variables.
  • export2latex.createTable, export2latex.cbind.createTable: new argument ‘label’ implemented to put a label for each table to be cited in the main LaTeX document.
  • chisq.test2: computes simulated p-values for the chi-squared test when it is not possible to compute assymptotic nor exact fisher test.
  • compareGroups: new argument ‘p.mult.corrected’ added that gives the option of computing multiple comparison corrected p-values or non-corrected p-values.
  • regicor: some variables names have been changed (gender to sex, histbp to histhtn).
  • example data sets: ‘myData’ example data set has been removed and ‘regicor’ data set is used in the examples instead.



  • compareGroups: can deal with Surv objects as response variables in order to compute appropiate p-values for a cohort (time-to-response) studies.
  • plot.compareGroups: perform appropiate plots when response is of class ‘Surv’ (kaplan-meier, etc.)
  • export2html: new function created to export tables to HTML format
  • plot.compareGroups: new internal functions created to draw proper plots for survival class variables
  • createTable: new argument ‘show.p.overall’.
  • createTable: change default value for ‘show.p.all’ argument to FALSE.
  • export2csv and export2html: new argument created which is the same as ‘which.table’ in ‘export2latex’ function
  • plot.compareGroups: bug fixed in performing shapiro-Wilks test on >5000 size sample.
  • export2latex: new arguments ‘caption’ and ‘loc.caption’ added.
  • argument silent set to TRUE in all functions where try have been applied.


  • print.createTable: lines in header and botoom of the tables are printed, using some characters from integer2ascii function of oce package.
  • print.createTable, export2latex, export2csv: new argument ‘nmax’ added.
  • export2latex: environment longtable is used, instead of table.
  • compareGroups: new argument ‘simplify’ added.
  • MAIN change: it is possible not to specify any grouping variable, and descriptives for all sample are performed without p-values.
  • print.createTable, export2latex, export2csv: bug fixed when row-variables with no data present.
  • plot.compareGroups method now plots barplots for categorical variable, as well as bivariate plots (row-variables vs grouping variable).
  • [.summary.compareGroups method deleted and new [.compareGroups method created instead.
  • export2csv: now writes the N (sample size) for each group in the header line.
  • createTable: argument ‘hide’ changed, now the user can specify either the position of the cateogory to be hidden or the name of this category.
  • createTable: new argument ‘hide.no’ added, that allows the user to specify which category to be hidden for all 2-level row-variables.
  • createTable: bug fixed, when only 1 row-variable and show.all=FALSE.
  • print.createTable changed: ‘which.table’ argument added that specifyies which table is printed (descr, avail or both). By default, only ‘descr’ table is printed.
  • export2latex: ‘which.table’ argument added add an argument that specifyies which table is printed (descr, avail or both). By default, only ‘descr’ table is printed.
  • export2latex: ‘file’ argument can be missing. In this case, LaTex code is printed in the R console. This function returns the LaTeX code like print.xtable does.
  • export2latex: ‘size’ argument added.
  • compareGroups.formula: bug fixed in removing variables using ‘-’.
  • compare.i: bug fixed in p-value for multiple comparison for a normal row-variable.
  • createTable: automatacally detects if grouping variable is an ordered factor to display p-trend.


  • print.compareGroups: fix a bug, significant p-values codes 0.01 has been replaced by 0.1
  • export2latex: substitute some special character ($, <, >, >=, <=, &, …) in the grouping variable label, and ‘&’ for row-variables and group levels.
  • compareGroups.default: added an option to specify different quantiles from Q1 and Q3 (min and max for example) for non-normal variables.
  • [.summary.compareGroups method


  • fixed a bug in ‘print.createTable’, ‘export2csv’ and ‘export2latex’ functions when there is only one row-variable


  • MAIN CHANGE: submitted to CRAN.
  • package no more available in www.regicor.org


  • fixed a bug in ‘print.createTable’, ‘export2csv’ and ‘export2latex’ functions when there is only one group
  • some words changed in help documentation


  • ‘compareGroups’ created and uploaded in www.regicor.org